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What is career and vocation counselling?

For many of of us, working takes up the majority of our week. And even if we are not working, we may spend a lot of time thinking about working: whether it be what type of career we want, how to land a new role, or how to monetise a hobby, for example. We often gain a sense of esteem from our work, be it the company we work for, how much we earn, or the satisfaction we derive from the role itself. Working can provide us with a sense of meaning, motivation and achievement, yet many struggle to find this in their current working environment.

One of our specialist career counsellors can help you to explore your current situation: whether working or not, and where you would like to be. It is sometimes the case that improving relations in a current job or identifying ways to derive more satisfaction from it, leads to greater fulfilment.

A counsellor will help you to identify what it is you need in order to feel motivated at work and support you to start making positive changes. You might find that developing your self-assertive skills or your self-esteem are necessary as part of the process. Perhaps you start counselling thinking you need a new job and realise that in fact, with a fresh perspective and new skills it is possible to craft your current role more to your liking.

For others, with your specialist counsellor you will explore interests that might lead to a career change. Perhaps you have no idea what you might enjoy in which case the counsellor will support you to try out different activities in order to discover what you like. Whilst you may not be able to give up your day job immediately you will end up with a better idea of how you continue along the path to making a career change.

For those of you who have identified a pattern in your working relations, for example getting into conflict with colleagues or employers, your therapist will explore these relational patterns: how you may have learned them, and how you can change them into a more healthy dynamic. Similarly if you are constantly overlooked for promotion or others who are newer to the company are given more responsibility, your therapist will help you to improve your self-esteem and sense of authority and influence. They might look at how relations with authority figures when you were growing up have shaped how you relate to authority figures today.

Perhaps you have been made redundant after a long period working for the same company. Being faced with having to find new employment, especially if you are nearer to retirement age, can feel very daunting and scary. This may also be the case if you have been unemployed for a long period of time. You may doubt that you are employable. You might disregard alternative career options, monetising a hobby or returning to study for fear of getting it wrong and feeling like you have failed. In all these instances your specialist career/vocation therapist will help you to explore unhelpful thinking patterns that get in the way and help you to see greater possibilities for your future.

Specific issues career and vocation counselling can help with

  • Not knowing what type of career you want
  • Having a vocation but not knowing how to make money out of it
  • Difficulty achieving a work/life balance
  • Stress management
  • Overworking
  • Repeated disputes or other issues with colleagues and employers
  • Not feeling as if you are being given the credit or recognition you want
  • Wanting your work to be more meaningful
  • Redundancy
  • Wanting to change career later on in life

Psymplicity Healthcare approach to career and vocation counselling

When you call in for an informal chat with one of our care coordinators they will identify what your career or vocation-related issue is. They will then advise you on which counsellors would be suited to working with you. Together with your counsellor you will seek to understand what is preventing you from feeling satisfied with your current situation and how to go about changing it. With their support, practical exercises and different ways of looking at your situation, you will feel more empowered and see greater possibilities for making positive changes to your working life.

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