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Why choose Psymplicity for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services?

A quick introduction to CAMHS

Psymplicity’s Private  Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services are second to none. Our holistic approach to treating mental health disorders in children is designed to help young patients develop healthy thought and behavioural patterns that will carry them forward into a healthier, happier life.

We provide gold standard CAMHS services for a wide range of child and adolescent mental health conditions, including child ADHD, ASD and Autism, anxiety, stress, and teenage OCD.

If you think your child or teenager could benefit from an initial consultation with a psychiatrist to discuss feelings or symptoms that concern them, we’d be delighted to help.

CAMHS conditions treated by Psymplicity

Our friendly, warm and highly-experienced psychiatrists offer private CAMHS assessments and treatment plans for young people experiencing a wide range of mental health concerns. You can visit our conditions’ pages to better understand the help we provide and how it can support your child.

Our unique approach to child and adolescent mental health treatment

We understand how the confusion, uncertainty and concern you feel as a parent when your young child or teenager is presenting symptoms of a mental health condition. Psymplicity’s holistic approach supports and advises parents in supporting their child’s unique needs and starting treatment early so that their condition doesn’t have lasting implications on their adult life.

If your child is suffering from mental health conditions impacting their personal, academic or social life, our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) specialists and private child psychiatrists in London are here to help, and can provide private CAMHS assessments, treatment and ongoing support, even with short notice. We can also liaise with schools to help with your child’s recovery.

We tailor every treatment plan to your child’s specific needs to offer support and help them, and their families, in managing the symptoms. No two children are the same — that’s why our practitioners offer specific support and tools for you and your child.

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Discover the symptoms of OCD in teenagers, identify the early signs of autism, find out how you can support your child and lots more in our blog.

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