Bespoke Stress Management Services and Debt Stress Treatment

A quick introduction to stress disorder

A stress disorder is more severe than just having lots on your plate. Significant stress can cause heart palpitations and burnout and leave you feeling isolated. But it is treatable, using our three-step process:

Get the right diagnosis and a holistic treatment plan designed to help you deal with stress

Receive tailored treatment to develop healthy coping strategies, whether through CBT, professional debt counselling, meditation, or exercise

Stop stress from causing terrifying physical symptoms such as breathlessness and learn how to be motivated by stressful situations, rather than feel it’s beyond your control

We don’t just work with you to treat the symptoms; our holistic approach means you’ll have the tools you need to effectively deal with stress.

What is stress?

We all get stressed, but when is stress normal and when might it indicate that you need professional support? We look at debt stress and everyday stress and what it looks like.

What are the symptoms of stress?

Stress can cause a variety of symptoms, from less shut-eye at night to difficulty breathing and light-headedness. We look at the most common symptoms of stress.

How can I effectively deal with stress?

Stress is unavoidable, but there are many methods available that can help you prevent it from dominating your life and leaving you feeling alone and vulnerable. At Psymplicity Healthcare, we adopt a holistic approach that puts your wellbeing first. We’ll develop a tailored plan that takes your circumstances, medical history and any underlying conditions into account, prescribing treatment that helps you live a balanced life, not disrupts you further.

Meet our private stress management specialists

Our stress management specialists have decades of combined experience in diagnosing and treating stress and have practised in leading institutions in the UK and beyond. Experts in their field, they are dedicated to keeping up to date with all the latest developments in psychiatry to deliver the best care for you — because we know that the right treatment combination can be truly transformative.

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What is Stress?

We’re all familiar with stress. The clammy hands before an important meeting. The rapid heartbeat and increased pace as a work deadline approaches. The confusion and worry when your child is underperforming at school. Stress is inevitable, and while it’s rarely pleasant, it can be a positive force. Stress is triggered by our innate fight-or-flight response. It alerts us to situations we should be cautious about, and it can motivate us to step out of our comfort zones or give us the final push to complete a huge project. But for some, stress is a crippling force that impacts their wellbeing, relationships and career.

One of the biggest struggles with stress is that it’s a self-fulfilling condition. Stress triggers the brain to release adrenaline and cortisol — back from when “fight or flight” literally meant a fight to the death or fleeing — but this reaction in turn increases the feeling of being stressed. This can cause some to get stuck in a vicious cycle where stress continually exacerbates itself, and it can quickly feel like you’re spiralling out of control. Many of us like drinking coffee or enjoying a nicotine hit throughout the day, but stimulants like these can worsen stress and lead to insomnia. At Psymplicity, we’ve had experience helping hundreds of patients manage their heightened levels of stress, and understand all the personal variables that come with each individual. However your stress is presenting itself, know that we’re here to help.

What is Debt Stress?

Debt stress causes a similar reaction in the brain, and so the symptoms of this condition might sound familiar to those caused by everyday stress, but the triggers are different, and it’s an increasingly prevalent issue in today’s society.

It’s becoming harder to get by without at least some form of debt, whether it’s a student loan, mortgage or short-term loan to take you to payday because the washing machine has broken down. With so many borrowing options available, it’s easy for people to slip into debt, but it’s much harder to climb out of.

While debt has a clear impact on your finances, it can also affect — or be affected by — your mental health. It may be that you have always had a negative relationship with money that makes managing your finances difficult, or it might be the case that an existing disorder such as ADHD or bipolar disorder has led you to spend impulsively.

There are plenty of services available to help people get out of debt, but there are few centred on healing the emotional crisis debt stress can cause. Without this, a disordered relationship with money might well continue, causing the person affected to go back into the red as soon as they recover.

Fortunately, there is treatment that can help you avoid unwanted and unhelpful stress and tackle the cause of the condition at its root. If any type of stress is causing you to neglect yourself or your loved ones, or you feel that you’re falling deeper and deeper into despair every time you encounter a stressful situation or receive a bill in the post, bespoke stress management services can help.

At Psymplicity, we adopt a client-focused approach that puts your mental and physical wellbeing above all else to provide you with the personalised care and attention you need. Following a comprehensive assessment of your unique circumstances, we will develop a bespoke stress treatment plan that helps you effectively manage the condition.

What Are The Symptoms of Stress?

Since stress is a universal and innate emotion, you’ve likely experienced the symptoms to varying degrees throughout your life. When extra work is added to your plate, you may only feel slight frustration or it might bring on an overwhelming sense of panic. When you receive your electricity bill, you might simply sigh or feel sick to your stomach.

 Since stress impacts everyone uniquely, there is no right or wrong reaction and it can vary significantly – Psymplicity has helped people with varying degrees of stress. However, if you’re frequently experiencing these symptoms and you regularly feel out of your depth, it could be a sign that your stress is more serious.

Do you:

Stress can also manifest in different ways. Instead of panicking, you might react angrily, instead turning hostile or easily getting frustrated with others, especially loved ones. Because of the magnitude of stress and how quickly it can spiral into something much worse, individuals can experience symptoms of anxiety and depression, which can make them feel despondent and like they can’t face the world.

Because stress is experienced by everybody in some form, you might feel embarrassed or ashamed to admit that you’re struggling to deal with stress, and you may even avoid telling those around you, including your managers at work, out of fear of losing your job or having work taken away from you. But stress is a severe condition, and we understand the impact it can have on your life.

Whether you’re feeling close to burnout at work, stress is impacting your relationship with your spouse or children, or you’ve fallen into debt and are worried about making ends meet, Psymplicity’s stress management services are here to help you reset your attitude towards stress and teach you valuable tools and coping mechanisms to alleviate your symptoms.

Following a thorough assessment of your symptoms, including their frequency and duration, as well as your medical history, we can diagnose stress and help you move past it.

The Psymplicity Approach To Treating Stress

At Psymplicity, we provide an integrated approach to everyday stress and debt stress treatment. There is no cure for stress, as it’s a vital emotion that we all experience, but if it’s overwhelming, treatment can help. 

We often feel stressed because we have taken on too much. Often, we’re aware of it, but we cannot stop ourselves from taking on more, whether out of a desire for recognition or fear of saying “no”. Our psychiatrists and psychotherapists can help you pinpoint the root of stress and interrupt these patterns, whether it’s by addressing beliefs set during childhood that tie your self-worth to your performance, or by developing the confidence and assertiveness to put yourself first, even if it means turning somebody else down.

Our psychotherapists specialise in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), which is also effective for helping you deal with stress. CBT involves talking with a stress management therapist to identify the triggers of stress and addressing the beliefs surrounding them. For example, the need to be a perfectionist can be damaging and turn healthy stress into something more sinister, but changing unhelpful thoughts (“I will fail if I’m not perfect”) into a positive statement (“I give my best, and that is good enough”) can relieve pressure and reduce stress.

We might also recommend lifestyle changes to improve your mood and overall wellbeing, such as getting more exercise, creating a better work-life balance, engaging in social activities or practicing relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga and mindfulness.

There’s no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to your health and wellbeing, which is why we tailor your treatment plan to tackle your specific symptoms and unique situation.  

Our specialist team of stress disorder psychiatrists and psychotherapists will conduct a thorough assessment to understand how stress is impacting your life. From here, we can create a bespoke treatment plan that considers your personal circumstances, medical history and any underlying mental and physical health conditions (such as whether bipolar disorder has led to negative or impulsive spending that has caused debt stress).

Your private stress disorder treatment plan

Following your in-depth assessment and subsequent stress diagnosis, you’ll benefit from a personalised and balanced treatment approach that prioritises managing your symptoms and reducing the impact of the condition on your life.

Step One

To ensure a perfectly tailored treatment plan, we begin with a professional stress disorder diagnosis and produce a personalised assessment report.

Step Two

Our experts will determine the most effective treatment for you, from recommending lifestyle changes with the support of a nutritionist to prescribing CBT or specialist debt counselling to pinpoint the root of your stress and develop practical coping mechanisms to reduce worry and turn stress into a positive force.

Step Three

Patients dealing with significant stress need continued care and support, which is why we recommend follow-up appointments to review progress, discuss any concerns and adjust treatment as we walk with you on your path to recovery.

Meet our specialists in stress management and debt stress

Our stress disorder specialists are among the best in their field, having successfully treated the symptoms of stress and related conditions for decades. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and that to provide the transformation so many of our clients enjoy requires a bespoke, holistic plan — one we’re confident you won’t find anywhere else.

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