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Debt Related Stress and Anxiety

Debt – something of a byword for the standard way of life in the 21st century. As it becomes increasingly difficult to get by without entering into one form of debt or another, more of the UK’s population than ever before is sliding slowly but surely toward a problem beyond its control. Unfortunately, the adverse effects associated with debt go quite far beyond the financial, as evidence continues to suggest a strong link between debt problems and mental health issues.

Borrowing has never been easier – tackling debt for the sake of a better life, however, is a more difficult process.


Debt and Mental Health

Although we don’t primarily work with debt problems and financial issues at Psymplicity Healthcare, it can often be sitting there in the background and is sometimes the psychosocial stressor that brings everything else tumbling down around the lives of the clients, we see at the clinic. There are disorders, such as bipolar disorder and attention disorders that can sometimes lead to difficulties managing one’s finances and there are some circumstances when addressing these underlying issues can have a dramatic impact on the way ones finances are managed.

Most debt related stress psychiatrists are well-versed and experienced in addressing all types and levels of debt stress in individuals at all levels. Some debt problems seem to manifest out of nowhere, presenting those concerned with an enormous burden they neither asked for nor realised was coming. And when this happens, the toll taken on the individual’s mental health can be enormous.

To be entirely swamped by debt is to feel well and truly powerless, helpless and isolated. What’s more, those affected by debt often feel embarrassed, ashamed and terrified to think of what’s to come. All of the above can ultimately take its toll on family life, social relationships and the ability to perform properly at work. This is the kind of ripple-effect that’s often overlooked by those viewing debt as nothing more than a financial problem – experienced psychiatrists for debt related stress however, see the subject for the life-affecting problem it really is.


Private Therapy To Treat Debt Related Stress

Across Britain, there are thousands of debt management services offering free and impartial advice on the best possible options for getting out of debt and avoiding future debt problems. But however useful such services are for the paperwork side of things, they do nothing to help with the emotional crisis the debt-ridden individual may be feeling at the time.

Professional debt counselling on a psychiatric level is all about tackling all such inner-demons and helping a person come to terms with the decisions they’ve made, the situation they’re in and the most appropriate resolution. It’s not just about paying off debts, it’s about getting life back on track and restoring confidence.


Debt Triggers

In addition, qualified psychiatrists for debt related stress anxiety will look far more closely at the reasons behind the individual’s slide into debt in the first place. Does the problem stem from some kind of negative spending habit? Perhaps a somewhat unrealistic stance on lifestyle standards? Whatever the cause of the debt in the first place, it’s just as important to pinpoint it as it is to eliminate the manifested debt and the stress it had caused.

Like all other mental and physical health problems, no two cases of debt stress are the same and we never assume otherwise. All of our patients are assessed in accordance with their own unique circumstances and treatment programs are tailored in accordance.

If you are suffering from financial distress and this is beginning to affect your emotional health, your ability to sleep, your anxiety levels or your mood, there are certainly things that can be done to assist both with addressing secondary emotional health issues that result from debt stress anxiety, debt problems that arise from emotional health disorders. Working with our therapists, life coaches and business coaches to take a structured approach to debt stress anxiety treatment, solving the financial difficulties moving forwards and working towards financial stability and a better future is very much a possibility.

Give us a call today at Psymplicity Healthcare for more information on help with debt stress management and recovery.


Case Study:

The story of 48-year-old father of two, Michael, was not unusual. School-age children, difficulties with his business and ever-increasing expenses leading to loan after loan, credit after credit and an intolerable debt burden to bear. Having turned to debt counselling services to begin making amends financially, he and his partner came to Psymplicity Healthcare for advice on dealing with the emotional side of debt management. He quickly realised his shame, embarrassment and guilt were entirely misdirected, ultimately building the confidence to tackle his underlying problems head-on and with a newfound sense of self.


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