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Depression Symptoms & Treatment

What Is Depression and How Do I Cope?

Of all the mental health disorders which are both underestimated and misunderstood, depression never fails to top the table. How it feels to live a life where each and every day is clouded by feelings of deep anxiety, pessimism and sadness is something that’s only truly understood by those suffering from clinical depression. Episodes of depression can be triggered by painful or stressful life events such as relationship difficulties, problems at work,  financial worry or the death of a loved one.

Here at Psymplicity Healthcare, we’ve been specialising in treating all forms of depression for many years and are proud to offer an essential lifeline for those looking to regain control of their lives. As all leading psychiatrists for depression would agree, the most important step of all in the process is understanding you are not in fact alone, that there is help available and that life can be better.

Am I Depressed?

According to the most recent statistics, up to one in every five adults in the UK suffers from a form of depression at one level or another. And while women are notably more likely to suffer from depression than their male counterparts, it has the potential to strike both sexes at any age with little warning.

In terms of the true definition of depression, what’s important to understand and acknowledge is the difference between genuine clinical depression and feeling depressed. With clinical depression – sometimes referred to as Major Depressive Disorder – those affected may find themselves struggling to find any reason to get out of bed each morning, let along make the effort to go to work, engage in social relationships or pursue anything enjoyable.

Depression can sap your energy, rob you of your health and generally extract all the joy from your life – taking back control is what we specialise in here at Psymplicity Healthcare.

Depression Symptoms & Treatment

As each person is may suffer in a different way, depression symptoms & treatment is also individual. Identifying a true case of depression can be tricky and is best left to a private psychiatrist who specialises in spotting depression symptoms and following up with correct treatment for depression. However, there are certain symptoms that present in most cases of the condition and can be used as indicators that a consultation should be sought, including the following:

  • Negative moods over prolonged periods without any real cause
  • Gaining no joy at all from hobbies/pastimes you once enjoyed
  • Avoiding social situations and gaining nothing positive from time with family/friends
  • Feelings of anxiety when approaching simple, mundane or even enjoyable tasks
  • Loss of appetite or gaining no joy from food or drinks
  • Trouble sleeping or feelings of tiredness throughout the day
  • A nagging sense of guilt with everything you do
  • Aggression and irritability
  • Memory problems and inability to concentrate
  • General pessimism and always expecting the worst

Such symptoms may when experienced briefly be of no real concern, but when prolonged could signify a case of clinical depression.

Dealing With Depression

Multiple options exist for clinical depression intervention – each of which has its own level of effectiveness in accordance with each unique case. Here at Psymplicity Healthcare, we work hard to evaluate your case right to its core, identifying any apparent causes or triggers in order to tailor a structured approach to combatting your depression. With a thorough assessment from our private psychiatrist London at Psymplicity Healthcare, you can be rest assured that you’ll be offered a personalised treatment. You can call us today on 0207 1180 407. Or alternatively, please request a callback and someone from our dedicated team will be back in contact with you very shortly.


Case Study:

27-year-old Rebecca had long-since concluded that her feelings of depression were caused by the social and financial rut she was in – we discovered it was in fact the opposite way around. By getting to the core of her depression, we were able to not only highlight how the tough spot she was in was not in any way her own fault, but also tailor a program of treatment which has since transformed her life.


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