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Do I Have Depression?

Feeling low or on edge is a common experience for everyone. But the prolonged and persistent occurrence of these moods could mean that you are experiencing depression. Depression is a mood disorder that can affect how you think, behave, and approach situations. It can have a negative impact on your daily life and leave you feeling unable to manage responsibilities and relationships effectively.

Depression can lead to feelings of exhaustion and an inability to sleep. You may experience strong mood swings or be prone to moments of uncontrolled anger while depressed, and many people also find themselves feeling isolated or experiencing difficulty expressing their emotions while in a depressed state.

The good news is depression can be managed effectively with the right support and coping mechanisms. There is no need to suffer alone, Psymplicity offers a range of treatments for depression, which involve identifying the root cause, resolving underlying issues and helping you to feel free from the effects of low moods.

If you are experiencing low moods, to the extent that your day-to-day life is affected, take this quick online depression test. The test will only take about three minutes of your time and can help you to consider whether you may be suffering from a form of depression. Please do note that this will give you an indication of your situation, and cannot replace a professional depression assessment carried out by a qualified psychiatrist.

Guide for taking the online depression test

When answering the questions in the online depression test, try to apply them to your experiences and answer them as honestly as possible, in order to get accurate results. You can take the test online, or take a print out and update it every week to track your mood.

If anything about the test or results concerns you, our team is available now to discuss your results, options, and available depression treatment plans, on 02071180407.

Depression Test

Click the button below to begin the depression test. Please answer the questions based on your experiences over the last 12 months if possible.

If you become concerned with any of the questions or feel you need to speak to a psychiatrist now, please contact us on 02071180407 and a member of our team will help you with your next steps towards treatment.
Depression Test Online

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