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Private Mental Health Services provided by Psymplicity

Psymplicity adopts a unique, holistic approach to suit your individual needs. Our experienced practitioners will provide you with a safe space and support for you to work through your issues, whether you need cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), compassion-focused therapy or an emergency admission to an in-patient clinic. You can find out more about the services and therapeutic treatments we offer on the pages linked below.

Our unique approach to private mental health treatment

Here at Psymplicity, we believe in providing a tailored approach to your unique symptoms and situation. We will listen closely to your struggles and create a bespoke treatment plan.

We understand that seeking mental health can be daunting. During your first consultation, our practitioners will show nothing but support and understanding of your situation.

After determining the right service for you to offer you or your child a diagnosis, we will guide you through the right course of treatment. Our team of psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists will provide you with the tools to better understand your symptoms and condition, manage your mental health and, ultimately, live a happier life.

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Our specialist psychiatrists and psychologists are among the best in their field, having successfully treated the symptoms of a range of conditions and issues including anger management, cognitive behavioural therapy and personal development counselling. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and that to provide the transformation so many of our clients enjoy requires a bespoke, holistic plan — one we’re confident you won’t find anywhere else.

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