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Our bespoke approach to assessment and treatment is highly effective for children with autism spectrum disorder. At Psymplicity, we follow a three-step process:

Get the right diagnosis and a holistic treatment plan tailored to your child’s needs

Be prescribed the right medical care to help you and your child understand and manage the condition

Support your child to communicate their emotions and thoughts effectively and learn coping mechanisms that can reduce anxiety and other symptoms from impacting their development and lasting into adulthood.

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What is ASD?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), more commonly known as autism, is a condition that starts in early childhood. While there is no cure, the right treatment can have a significant impact and help reduce a range of symptoms. Find out more about ASD and why it’s important to seek assessment here.

What happens during an ASD assessment?

Undergoing any type of psychiatric assessment or treatment can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn more about what to expect at an ASD assessment appointment and how you can support your child.

How can an ASD assessment help?

Autism spectrum disorder is best diagnosed as early as possible so that treatment can begin. Here, we cover some of the common symptoms and signs of autism spectrum disorder and when an assessment might be appropriate.

Meet our ASD specialists

Our ASD specialists are experts in diagnosing autism spectrum disorder in children. Experts at what they do, they are sensitive and friendly and will put your child at ease.

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What is ASD?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), also commonly referred to under the umbrella term “autism”, is a group of developmental conditions that impact a person’s social skills, ability to communicate and behaviour. ASD affects the way children talk, play and generally interact, and symptoms of the condition typically begin to appear during early childhood or adolescence. While the symptoms and severity of autism vary, it can present significant challenges to children and teenagers, and diagnosis and treatment can be highly beneficial.

Symptoms of autism may often be dismissed as behavioural issues or a “phase” your child is going through, so if you suspect your child may be autistic, it’s crucial to seek assessment. At Psymplicity, a comprehensive professional private autism assessment will be conducted by a qualified psychiatrist, who will identify the symptoms and make a diagnosis, also taking into account your child’s unique circumstances. We ensure that the assessment includes a child behavioural review and an information-gathering session, which are crucial for developing an understanding of your child and how the condition affects them.

How can a private autism assessment help?

A private autism assessment or online autism test will give your family the answers you have been waiting for regarding your child’s development and help you to understand their symptoms. Importantly, it also gives us the information we need to create an effective treatment plan. If your child displays the following symptoms, they may have ASD, and a professional assessment and diagnosis can help you and your child move forward:

Book an appointment to see how we can help to manage your child’s ASD and teach them coping mechanisms early they can use well into adulthood. During your child’s assessment, you’ll receive the diagnosis you’ve been waiting for, along with a bespoke plan of treatment for their condition.


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What happens during an ASD assessment?

At Psymplicity Healthcare, we provide clinician-led autism assessments and online testing for autism for children aged over six and adolescents. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a lifelong condition, but children respond to treatment better when they are younger, and it can improve symptoms and give your child coping mechanisms they can use well into adulthood. A private autism assessment will typically take four to five hours, either in one sitting or across two sessions, and it includes an initial diagnosis and a comprehensive medical report with recommended treatment.

Your child’s private autism assessment begins with a behavioural review. During this, your child will take part in several interactive and play-based activities, which your child’s psychiatrist will choose based on the symptoms present, challenges and goals. Alongside a supporting clinician, we’ll observe your child’s ability to interact and score their responses using formal testing methods. This informs our diagnosis by ruling out any behavioural, emotional, developmental or attention deficit disorders.

The next stage of an ASD assessment is an information-gathering session, which helps us to understand and diagnose your child’s condition. We’ll review available records, observations and interviews with you and your child. Once this stage is complete, we will produce a detailed report of the results, including diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

With a professional ASD assessment and subsequent bespoke treatment plan from experts at Psymplicity, we can relieve your child of the difficulty of living with their symptoms and all the ways it affects their relationships, development, education and more. We’re not only here to listen and understand; we’re here to help.

Meet our ASD specialists

Our ASD specialists are among the best in their field, having successfully supported and treated children presenting autism symptoms for decades. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and that to provide the transformation so many of our clients enjoy requires a bespoke, holistic plan — one we’re confident you won’t find anywhere else.

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