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At Psymplicity Healthcare, we offer family support and Psychoeducation sessions for families affected by mental health problems. Support and psychoeducation sessions can reduce the adverse impact that mental health problems can have on the family dynamic, by helping all of its members understand the factors that can improve and exacerbate mental health conditions. Psychoeducation is useful for all family members. Those with young children who are not within the required age bracket for official diagnosis can also benefit from additional support.

We understand that some behavioural patterns that your child or young adult may be presenting can cause challenges at school and at home. Children and adolescents who experience challenges such as neurodevelopmental disorders, learning difficulties and other conditions affecting their mental health have needs that require careful consideration, particularly in relation to the environment they live in.

Sometimes when these needs are not met, children and adolescents will behave in ways that can be challenging for schools and for families. By learning how to explore different strategies to motivate positive behaviour, contain situations before they escalate and avoid reinforcing unhelpful behaviours, family members can provide the very best support for their children and adolescents.

These issues may lead to stress in the family unit, which can then put strain on the family as a whole. Whether you think your child is showing signs of mental health difficulties, learning difficulties or developmental disorders, a Psychoeducation session with our experts will be sure to shed some light on coping mechanisms to help support your child as well as the wider family.

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A quick introduction to Psychoeducation at Psymplicity

Your Psychoeducation session with Psymplicity

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A quick introduction to Psychoeducation at Psymplicity

Psychoeducation is recommended to those who need information and guidance from experts about illnesses, developmental problems or any other condition which affects the mental health of children and adolescents. Our Psychoeducation sessions combine education and support to help families deal with any concerns about a child or adolescent’s behaviour with the view to facilitate their development and thrive in their environment. Psychoeducation and family support sessions also equip families with the tools and confidence to help them care for their children, and look after themselves during times of distress.

Your Psychoeducation session with Psymplicity

Our Psychoeducation parent support sessions can be arranged via our website or over the phone. Sessions typically last between 60 and 90 minutes, but this will vary depending on the main concerns you have for your child and how much support you require.

During these sessions, you’ll be able to voice your concerns to our experts who will provide useful insights into your child’s illness, condition or even specific behaviours. We’ll aim to change attitudes and stigmas around childhood illness and mental health conditions, and provide parents with coping tools and practices to help support their children with any difficulties.

A parent support session with Psymplicity is:

General conditions that Psymplicity Healthcare can support your family with through Psychoeducation include:

Our experts can provide support for numerous other conditions that may affect your child’s learning, behaviours or emotions. Get in touch with us directly to discuss any specific concerns you may have.

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Get the support you need to help your child

Conditions in young children can have a significant impact on the entire family, so education and support is vital. With Psychoeducation at Psymplicity Healthcare, you can be confident that you’re doing everything you can for your child, while also making life easier for yourself and other family members.

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