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A quick introduction to humanistic counselling

Humanistic counselling will help you overcome difficult situations through better self-knowledge. Our counsellors will guide you through:

  • Understanding your frame of mind regarding your life purpose and how to face difficult life events
  • Taking charge and empowering you to know what’s best for you
  • Gain a deeper self-knowledge and a fuller sense of self, be confident in your decisions and change unhelpful behaviours

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What is humanistic counselling?

Humanistic psychotherapy focuses on the individual’s power to know what’s best for them. It supports people in understanding how the meaning of life informs their decisions and how to change them. Learn more about our humanistic counselling approach.

What is humanistic counselling in London like?

Our humanistic approach is one of listening and tapping into your self-knowledge. Learn how working closely with your counsellor can take you to a self-empowering journey.

What can humanistic counselling help me with?

If you’re going through a difficult time in your life, humanistic psychotherapy can support you in gaining a deeper sense of self and know how to best face the situation. Find out what specific mental health condition it can help you with.

Meet our humanistic counsellors

Our specialists use a holistic approach to humanistic counselling, providing a safe space to listen to your concerns and life struggles. They’re the best in the field and take pride in creating nurturing relationships with their patients.

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What is humanistic counselling?

Humanistic counselling, also referred to as humanistic-existential counselling, is a form of therapy highlighting the importance of being your true self. Based on Carl Rogers’ theories, humanistic psychotherapy shifts the focus to the individual, asserting they are in control of their own destiny. 

As we go through life, we often convince ourselves our dark thoughts and actions make us bad people. But what informs that statement? With the help of your counsellor, you will learn how you came to form your opinion about yourself and others, how to shift the viewpoint, and gain insight into the way meaning is constructed.  

Humanistic psychotherapists at Psymplicity will help you unpack your understanding of life and how this informs your sense of self and others. The therapy is highly focused on self-growth. It uses positive reinforcements as a form of self-empowerment. As your view of the world impacts your actions and choices, focusing on a positive attitude can help you make better decisions and live a more fulfilling life.

Indeed, the core belief of humanistic counselling is that all people are good at heart, including ourselves.

What can humanistic counselling help me with?

Humanistic psychotherapy helps you explore difficult personal experiences and struggles with a nurturing attitude. It can help you develop deeper self-knowledge and self-awareness. This makes it suitable for people suffering from:

Through a compassionate and caring approach, one of our expert humanistic therapists at Psymplicity will support your journey to self-acceptance and personal growth.

Your journey to self-awareness can start today. Book an appointment to better understand how we can help you through difficult situations and learn how to take control of your life. From day one, your humanistic counsellor will finally give you a safe space to share your thoughts and emotions.


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What is humanistic counselling like?

At Psymplicity, our humanistic psychotherapy focuses on day-to-day life. Your counsellor will create a safe space for you to explore your world views and life difficulties. They will guide you through understanding more about yourself and your thoughts. However, your therapist will let you control the direction of each session.

The humanistic approach relies on the idea that you are the expert of your own life. Therefore, you alone will know how to face difficult situations. The role of a humanistic therapist is one of support and understanding. They will listen to your concerns and feelings, ensuring you understand your own mind. They may ask follow-up questions to help you dig deeper into your thoughts.

With your therapist’s guidance, you will explore how past relationships and events influence your present. Counselling for abusive relationships including family dynamics all intertwine with humanistic existential counselling. Together, you will establish a close relationship based on trust and collaboration.

Meet our Humanistic Counsellors

Our specialists are among the best in their field, having successfully guided patients to live a more fulfilling life using humanistic counselling. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and that to provide the transformation so many of our clients enjoy requires a bespoke, holistic plan – one we’re confident you won’t find anywhere else.

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