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Medico-Legal Reports

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Our medico-legal services

Learn about the scope of our services and how we can help, including by writing medico-legal psychiatrist reports and attending court hearings to deliver expert witness testimony.

Our medico-legal reports team

See our medico-legal team and their experience and specialisms so that you can work with the best medical professional for your case.

Medico-legal reports from Psymplicity

We provide medico-legal reports and assessments for a range of applications and scenarios, from occupation health to asylum and immigration.

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Our medico-legal services

The medico-legal team at Psymplicity specialises in producing psychiatric medico-legal reports, neuropsychology medico-legal reports and psychological medico-legal reports. We also provide expert witness testimony for a range of cases within both the criminal and civil courts.

Medico-legal reports: Our medico-legal report process is swift, efficient and handled with professionalism by our specialist team of medico-legal psychiatrists and psychologists. We produce medico-legal reports for leading firms and independent solicitors, producing high-quality, accurate reports that comply with all legal requirements. Poor-quality medico-legal reports lacking the proper insight and expertise can be costly and ultimately derail your case. At Psymplicity, we work to achieve a winning outcome.

Medico-legal assessments: When you need to show a link between an individual’s psychological state and a source of trauma, such as personal injury, we can provide medico-legal psychiatric assessments to determine whether compensation could be awarded. Our fair assessments take all possible factors into account to ensure the correct outcome.

Psychiatry expert witness: If you require expert testimony to support your case, such as from a consultant psychiatrist or psychologist, our medico-legal expert witnesses can help. Experts in their field with years of experience, they offer a commanding presence and will deliver their credible, expert opinion with confidence.

Medico-legal reports for solicitors: At Psymplicity, we aim to deliver detailed, precise reporting to support the needs of a fast-paced legal process. We try to adapt our services to support our solicitors  with a responsive and reliable report for almost any requirement. No matter how complex your case – we have the right expert to assist.

Medico-legal reports from Psymplicity

Our medico-legal psychiatrist and psychologist team produces a wide range of reports, assessments and evaluations of psychiatric disorders and conditions for legal firms and solicitors.

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What is a Medico-Legal Report?

In addition to our range of services and treatment programs offered here at Psymplicity Healthcare, we also provide medico-legal services, from reports and assessments for

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