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Born in Bulgaria where I completed my medical training, continuing to specialise as a qualified Consultant Psychiatrist, I was privileged to be exposed to life in different European countries getting to know local customs and different cultures. 

I made the United Kingdom my home in 2008, commuting and working in Germany for three years, I gained most of my experience working in different hospitals across England, and most recently – in remote and rural areas of beautiful Scotland.

In my practice, I have adopted a holistic approach, enjoying working in partnership with those seeking my advice. I steer people to make the best decision about their treatment offering my knowledge and expertise for a successful outcome. I take the time to listen to each person, getting to know their mental health difficulties, but also considering how important contributing factors – biological, environmental and past experiences (or the things that shape us in life) affect each person, and lead to where they are at this moment. Taking the time to listen and understand allows me not only to offer a treatment plan suited to the individual, but also to build mutual trust – a key for a successful therapeutic relationship.


Psychiatric Assessment and diagnosis, Adult ADHD Assessments and diagnosis, Adult ADD Assessments and diagnosis, Prescribing of Medication, Bespoke treatment plans.

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