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Psychiatric assessment and diagnosis, Adult ADHD assessments and diagnosis, Adult ADD assessments and diagnosis, Prescribing of Medication, Bespoke treatment plans, Second opinion consultations, Medico-legal assessment and report writing

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Consultant Psychiatrist IN East London NHS foundation Trust and clinical Lead for inpatient services
Consultant Psychiatrist at Psymplicity Health Care

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Dr Pandis combines work as a consultant psychiatrist in NHS in East London with his work in Psymplicity Healthcare. He has worked in psychiatry for over 15 years and has a wide experience in psychiatry with training in general adult, rehabilitation, liaison and older adults. He specialises in the assessment and management of a range of mental disorders including affective, psychotic, personality, anxiety, conversion and neurodevelopmental (ADHD) disorders. He has been involved in leadership and management projects within NHS leading a number of service improvement projects including audits and research and complaint investigations.
He has completed his medical studies in Greece and his psychiatric training in Cambridge and London rotation scheme. He has a masters in cognitive neuroscience with publications in scientific journals and presentations of his research work in international forums. He has obtained a professional qualification in teaching and learning in higher education from the Institute of Education and is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Volunteering and International Psychiatry Special Interest Group. He is passionate about promoting mental health in overseas countries and has worked and provided training in developing countries. He is actively involved in educational activities of the Trust he works and has been appointed educational supervisor for trainees and clinical supervisor for junior doctors.

From the beginning of his work in psychiatry, Dr Pandis has valued the importance of psychology and psychotherapy in managing a wide spectrum of psychiatry cases. This has inspired his personal involvement in psychoanalytic psychotherapy which enables him to formulate psychodynamic ally complex psychiatric cases.

On a personal level, he enjoys playing the piano and is passionate about sports and physical exercise including running, cycling, swimming, diving and skiing. He has participated in many marathons and half marathons in the UK and Europe and has raised money for charities.

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