Doctor Monica Berntsen



Consultant Psychologist with specialist understanding of brain and behaviour



Adult ADHD assessments and diagnosis, ASD, Bespoke treatment plans, Second opinion consultations, Medico-legal assessment and report writing, CBT therapy, Parenting groups, Psychotherapy, Psychological assessments, Psychotherapy, Child Psychology, Child Psychotherapy, Child ASD assessments, Child ADHD assessments, Neurofeedback, Electroencephalogram and qEEG, neuromodulation


PhD Neuropsychology
MA Counselling Psychology
BSc Psychology

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Private practice
Adult inpatient rehabilitation and recovery
CAMHS neurodevelopmental service

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Doctor Monica Berntsen's approach

Dr Berntsen is a Psychologist with a unique background including clinical practice, academic research and applied neuroscience. She is a HCPC registered Counselling Psychologist chartered by the BPS with a Doctoral degree in Neuropsychology based on Cognitive Neuroscience.

Dr Berntsen completed her clinical degree and training at the Adler University in Chicago, USA in 2012 and later gained a PhD in Neuropsychology from University of Essex in 2016, which focussed on the relationship between brain activation patterns and behaviour. Since then, she has published a number of scientific papers in neurophysiology and cognitive neuroscience; developed brain-computer interfaces between sensing data such as EEG and cognitive functions; worked for NHS CAMHS neurodevelopmental service for under 18s with ADHD and ASD and their families; worked in adult inpatient rehabilitation and recovery services for individuals with chronic and severe mental illnesses such as EUPD and psychotic illnesses; and worked in private practice since 2013, working with a range of disorders in individuals above the age of 7.

Dr Berntsen provides individual psychological therapies, group therapy, support groups and neurocognitive assessments to aid in diagnostic decision making and medicolegal work. She has specialist understanding of the relationship between brain and behaviour and provides assessments and treatments for a wide range mental disorders and the consequences of stroke, traumatic brain injuries and neurodegenerative conditions. She has particular expertise in recording and interpretation of functional brain activity (EEG, qEEG) and therapeutic use of neurofeedback and brain stimulation (tDCS/tACS, TMS).

Dr Berntsen aims to understand a person as a whole, considering biopsychosocial factors and how unique life experiences shape thoughts, behaviour and goals. Her work is designed to help people realise their potential, build individual strength, develop confidence and skills that enables people to treat themselves.

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