Jenny Manfrinati

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Dr Manfrinati is a HCPC registered clinical psychologist.

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Clinical Experience

Dr Manfrinati’ s clinical experience encompass work in clinical, community and higher education settings. She has worked in palliative care, community mental health care, NHS staff hub, charities for survivors of abuse and domestic violence and university.


Monday -Thursday 8 am – 6 pm
Working online and in person


Bespoke treatment plans, CBT therapy, EMDR, Group Therapy, Psychotherapy, Psychological assessments, Psychotherapy, Employee assistance

Jenny Manfrinati's approach

Having gained extensive experience in Italy, the USA and the UK, Dr Manfrinati has implemented an integrative approach, with a psychodynamic core and the use of cognitive and somatic strategies. This also encompasses techniques from trauma informed theory, sensorimotor, CAT, CBT, DBT,EMDR and cross-cultural psychology.

The primary aim of this approach is to create a therapeutic intervention relevant to the client’s needs and goals.

To ensure this, Dr Manfrinati does not offer a “one size fits all” therapeutic approach, rather a collaborative process where she works dynamically with her clients to help them develop a map of their difficulties, understand the function of their defences and master techniques and strategies to repair their functioning and achieve their goals.

For every intervention, she offers a four steps process: psycho-educational, naming the difficulties, process the difficulties and introducing changes. Regular reviews to each step will be provided.

Dr Manfrinati’s passion is supporting survivors of trauma, violence and abuse to move from surviving to thriving. In her free time, she is learning trauma informed yoga and pet therapy.

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