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Doctor Omar Choudhry

Consultant Psychiatrist


I have been working in the field of Psychiatry for almost 11 years assessing and managing complex mental health presentations. For the last 3 ½ years I have been working as a specialist in Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services.



Psychiatric assessment and diagnosis, ASD, Prescribing of Medication, Bespoke treatment plans,Second opinion consultations, Medico-legal assessment and report writing, Child ASD assessments, Child ADHD assessments,Child Psychiatric assessments, Other


MRCPsych Membership
MBChB in Medicine
Diploma in Psychopharmacology
Diploma in CBT
Diploma in ADHD
ADOS-2 Accredited Assessor
3Di Accredited Assessor

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Clinical Experience

I have enjoyed both the theoretical and practical aspects of Psychiatry. I believe working within the rich and diverse National Health Service has helped me improve and develop my knowledge, understanding and most of all my communication skills. I have had the experience of dealing with patients, medical students, peers and members of different healthcare professions on a day-to-day basis, which have been a challenge and an education.

As a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, I have gained valuable insight into the varying aspects of medical practice, along with an informative insight into evidence based medicine. I have had the opportunity of putting theoretical knowledge into a practical working context. I believe such experiences have formed an essential component of my continuous professional development, by enhancing my knowledge and understanding in many related areas of Mental Health Services.

My personal work ethos of honesty and tenacity has been greatly received and appreciated by both fellow colleagues and patients.

Doctor Omar Choudhry's approach

I believe that mental health difficulties are often a manifestation of health related, psychological and/or social difficulties. Such difficulties emerge due to complex combination of factors including genetics, psychological tendencies, environmental and social changes which can impact an individual’s mental health. My approach has always been to offer comprehensive treatments and therapeutic interventions.

My approach has always been to apply evidence based assessment and management plans for each individual. I explore my patient’s difficulties through their unique perspective and the difficulties they may be experiencing.

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