Vijayeta Sharma Consultant Psychiartrist

Doctor Vijayeta Sharma

Consultant Psychiatrist


10 years experience of working in general psychiatry



Psychiatric assessment and diagnosis, Adult ADHD assessments and diagnosis, Bespoke treatment plans, Second opinion consultations



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Thursday and Friday

Clinical Experience

I am an experienced Psychiatrist and have worked in mental health since 2010. I currently work as a consultant psychiatrist in East London and Psymplicity. I have vast experience in treating individuals with Depression, Anxiety, Personality disorder, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, Self-harm and suicidal behaviour, PTSD, OCD, and psychosis.
I am a member of the royal college of psychiatrists, I am on the GMC specialist register, I am section 12 approved, and hold responsible clinician status

Doctor Vijayeta Sharma's approach

As Carl Jung said ‘until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’
I believe in life we live through repetitive patterns developed through the years, in some people, these can cause emotional difficulties and pain. These patterns are usually developed in childhood and early adult life and they can change our day-to-day experiences as we interpret our lived experiences through these patterns. In assessments, I try to develop a collaborative understanding of what these patterns might be for an individual and how they can be addressed. The normal treatment modality which a lot of people find helpful is a combination of medication and psychological input

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