Zoe Isaacson

Consultant Psychiatrist




MbChb (Medicine and Surgery)


MSc (Family and Systemic Therapy)

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Clinical Experience

I trained to consultant level by undertaking posts in both Adult and Child Psychiatry in order to be able to deliver care to young people both below and above 18. I am now the lead Psychiatrist in the Shropshire 0-25 service. I hold both clinical and managerial leadership responsibilities.

I see patients presenting with the full range of psychiatric disorders. I am currently involved in the development of our 18-25 service and our neurodevelopmental pathway.

I provide supervision and review of complex cases for other doctors within the service. I work closely with our therapists and other professionals to deliver holistic treatment plans.


Psychiatric assessment and diagnosis,Adult ADHD assessments and diagnosis,ASD,Prescribing of Medication,Bespoke treatment plans,Second opinion consultations,Medico-legal assessment and report writing,Couples counselling,Family Therapy,Psychotherapy,Psychological assessments,Psychotherapy,Child ASD assessments,Child ADHD assessments,Child Psychiatric assessments


I am passionate about optimising mental health for young people. It is such a privilege to be able to help those with their lives ahead of them to be able to flourish. I chose to train and work with both children and young adults as the transition from childhood into independent maturity can be a vulnerable time.

I am interested in how current cultural and social pressures such as social media, identity politics , environmental and political concerns as well as issues in school and family life affect mental health. Sometimes young people who are particularly empathic or emotionally sensitive can feel overwhelmed as they confront the realities of the modern world and adult life.

I can decipher whether emotional extremes are mental illness, or whether alternatively, there might be a different perspective to understand the experience. The brain is developing until the age of around 25. Some individuals show different patterns of strengths and difficulties and I can assess whether diagnoses such as ADHD and Autism would be appropriate .

I use my dual training as a therapist to interpret the psychological and social factors contributing to illness as well as considering the biological brain. My treatment plans are holistic, using medicine alongside lifestyle advice, therapeutic techniques for young people, and if appropriate, family strategies. When medicine is part of the treatment plan it can be very rewarding to see someone get better more quickly that they had thought possible, however I will always be considering how to build resilience and strengthen recovery in other ways too.. I will be able to help you understand the problems you are facing and decide how to move forward with your life.

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